Mindwave - Escape From Reality (CD)


Mindwave - Escape From Reality (CD) Mindwave's body lives in our world but his mind roams other planets.Escape From Reality does not feel like a debut album as Mindwave is one of the most perfectionist artist I have yet to encounter and although this his first Album you feel that his music is very mature, and filled with atmosphere that normally requires years of experience to generate.
Mindwave's approach to Trance music is simple, 'Let the music carry your mind'.

The style can be described as full on with a progressive build up, each track takes its time to develop a theme and gives it to you piece by piece, wrapping your ears with mesmerizing atmospheric sounds and engulfs you in a cocoon that feels like a train to eternity.

This is truly a connection between mind and the body one moving to the hypnotic pace of the music while allowing the mind to break free of its body's limitations and proceed into the realms of psychedelia in the most intimate way that trance has to offer.


1. Aero 
2. Liquid 
3. Rebirth 
4. Escape from reality 
5. Life in overdrive 
6. Skywalker 
7. Ancient Future 
8. Beyond Logic 
9. Like a butterfly10. Vertical Illusion

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