Meteor Burn - Stratosphere (CD)


Meteor Burn - Stratosphere (CD) Expect unique, fresh and truly out of this world productions from this hot posse!Meteorburn, Portuguese duo, Sergio aka Meteor and Xano aka Burn who are burning a hole in the dance floor with their non stop mega masher bass lines and full throttle mentalities coming deep from psy-space with a mission to deliver the hardest rocking chunky space debris right to your brain.
Meteor Swarm is just what you need to keep your local scene up to date on the latest psyentific discoveries. Stratosphere is the long awaited and highly anticipated debut full length Super Blaster from the dynamic duo of Hard Night Time Psytrance. Industrial, Gothic, Full Power, Twisted, Spaced Out and Totally Mental are just some of the words that come to mind with the first listen to an incredible new stage in the evolution of the genre.


1. Stratosphere 
2. Ozone Hole 
3. Hard Drug 
4. Feel The Bass 
5. Wake Up 
6. Demoniac 
7. C4 
8. The Desease 
9. Toxic Waste 
10. Doom Radio