Meteor Burn - Comic Book


Meteorburn, Portuguese duo, Sergio aka Meteor and Xano aka Burn who are burning a hole in the dance floor with their non stop mega masher bass lines and full throttle mentalities coming deep from psy-space with a mission to deliver the hardest rocking chunky space debris right to your brain.
Now is the time for the atmospheric explosion to occur and you will feel the blast across the planet as the shock wave leaves a lasting impression and forever changes the topology of this planet.

Get your limited edition copies of this fine tuned and fully polished gem of intergalactic meteorite ore still steaming hot from its burning detonation deep in the impact crater!


1. Crime Scene 
2. Cyber Tron 
3. Pizza 
4. Schnitzel 
5. Super Sardine 
6. Agua Pe 
7. Dig the pear 
8. Scratch me this 
9. Toast to vacations