Mesmerizer - Like A Machine (CD)


Mesmerizer - Like A Machine (CD) 2i4U and Mind control records are proud to present the Mesmerizer debut album.Mesmerizer is composed by Neo and Veek, two Dj's of the Paris underground scene, who decided to join their ideas and skills to make music together.
Their music was so powerfull that when we, at mind control records, eard it for the first time, we immediately knew that their music would fit perfectly as a first release of our new sublabel '2i4U'!

Mixing powerfull riffs and leads with some stomping basslines, Mesmerizer has finalized their skills by playing in some of the biggest party of the French psy trance scene, including the well known Gaia festival, and more recently by playing successfully in Japan for Yabai records, and the feedbacks from this party just confirmed the talent of this promising new band!

Like A Machine is the first album from Mesmerizer. It took them almost a year to accomplish it, remixing some of the tracks few times until they are finally satisfied with them in the end, they can now present us this very convincing album, containing 9 tracks, clearly designed to blast dancefloors!

You will also discover in this album a remix from one of the best tracks from Mekkanika 'Power'! And two collaboration tracks made respectively with Jaws Underground, another new name from the French scene, and also with Biokinetix!


1. Going to have fun - MESMERIZER 
2. Like a machine - MESMERIZER 
3. Break it down - MESMERIZER 
4. Yellow pills - (vs Jaws Underground)MESMERIZER 
5. Keep on rocking - MESMERIZER 
6. Power - (Mesmerizer rmx)MEKKANIKKA 
7. Apocaliptika - (vs Biokinetix)MESMERIZER 
8. Funk system - MESMERIZER 
9. Danger Zone - MESMERIZER