Mekkanikka - Micro Revolution (CD)


Mekkanikka - Micro Revolution (CD) Nutek Records is proud to present, Mekkanikka's 4th studio album 'Micro-Revolution'. Mekkanikka has been on the trance circuit for long time releasing high grade Trance music.After the release of his album 'Global Warning' and the compilation 'Climate Change' last year, Nikka's ready to unleash this masterpiece.
Straight power, blasting baselines, infernal rhythm through high level of production, and this one will surely create a mini revolution on the worldwide Dance floors. Tested and approved in many events all around the world, Nikka once again delivers a powerful, positive and vibrant version of new decade in the Trance scene.

The album contains 10 tracks in Total. 8 new tracks, 1 collaboration with VibraAdict and another collaboration with Painkiller.

So stretch out, dust off your dancing shoes and get ready for a dance floor on fire, because it is time for a 'Micro revolution'.

Style: Psytrance
Released: Dec. 2008/50

1. Trippin Balls
2. XRated
3. Feel Good
4. Try before buy
5. King Bate
6. Side FX (rmx)
7. Micro Revolution
8. Keep it fresh
9. Outfoxed
10. Generation