Mekkanikka - 2046 (CD)


Mekkanikka - 2046 (CD) Nicholas Oesch aka Nikka is the musical creator of the psytrance project Mekkanikka.Born in Switzerland, Nikka has been driven by music his whole life. Eventually, he was led to California where he recorded local bands and began his career in audio production. After releasing his first albums on Germany's legendary Spirit Zone label, Mekkanikka received lots of positive attention from international dancefloors and has since had many releases on compilations all over the world, such as Phantasm, 3D Vision, Nutek, Neurobiotic, Mind control and Turbo Trance among others.
After the success of his release 'Micro Revolution' on Nutek Records, Nikka is back with a brand new album of floorfillers called '2046', to be released on Phantasm in January 2010. This new opus will take you on a journey of warm, round sounds, psychedelic tales, candy wrapped in a plastic landscape of melodies and music. With tracks ranging from 143-145 bpm, super phat basslines, sharp editingdramatic dynamics, extreme grooves that combinereal instruments and complex sound design, Mekkanikka is delivering an incredible balanced work betwen musicality, creativity and production.

'2046' is best served chilled in the early morning hours, after a night of full power action.


1. 2046 - (Mekkanikka vs Mad Maxx)2. Phat Nugs3. Home4. Black Jack5. Ookikabuki - (Mekkanikka vs Vibraddict)6. A La Fraiche7. Sublime - (Mekkanikka vs Painkiller)8. Sweet Afghani Delicious9. The Psyched System10. Sour Diesel