Materia - Clear Tenor


After many years of bending sounds in the lab and fusing techno elements into his psychedelic realm, Materia is about to resurface, forging a new mold dedicated to expand the concept of the genre!
24/7 Records is now dropping Materia's 2nd album 'Clear Tenor', delivering hi-tech atmospheres, hard hitting pattern lines and percussive fx, revealing deeper, intricate layers with every listen. Nine groundbreaking new tracks including collaborations with Brainiac, Waio and Illicit.


1. Clear Tenor 
2. We Cannot 
3. Modulators - (feat. Brainiac) 
4. Detonight - (feat. Waio) 
5. Gate Down 
6. Decoy 
7. Panic Sonata - (feat. Illicit) 
8. Friendly 
9. Help Me - (Materia rmx)