Mano, BioSynthesis - Non Fiction (CD)


Mano, BioSynthesis - Non Fiction (CD) Mano and Biosynthesis Non Fiction is a unique release it heals the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of human existence. Utilizing sounds waves as a way to mind, through modern psychedelic experiences leads the listener of this CD to be taken into the shamanic states of meditation, which are beyond their consciousness and experience the most amazing journey.

The music will lead to state of self-discovery and self-realization. It will open up the minds of listeners and let them break through to the other side. The CD sends a message of peace, respect and reality non fiction. The listener will discover previously unheard and absolutely unique, magical and innovative sounds. Perfect for the festivals and dance rituals.

All the trax took months to compose in order to create the special effect suitable for forests, mountains, deserts and indoor events. Every tiny sound, every lead and effect are composed to perfection. No two sounds are the same. Every trak brings a new story and a new message to the listener. The rhythm of music is perfect for dancing.

The listener will connect with the outer world and the realization of oneself and reality, the vision and the purpose of life will become clear.

The music on this CD is medicinal, and it will heal your soul and the earth. The CD has a story of eight trax. Four tunes by each project. Be creative and support the music!
Style: Psytrance
Released: Jul. 2009/30

1. Mysterious Dreamland - MANO
2. Non Phixion - MANO
3. Rugged and Authentic - MANO
4. Da Solo - MANO
5. Mary Queen - BIOSYNTHESIS
6. Colored Forest - BIOSYNTHESIS
7. Just keep driving, man! - BIOSYNTHESIS
8. Liquid Armageddon - BIOSYNTHESIS