Man Machine - Reintegrate (CD)


Man Machine - Reintegrate (CD) Ovnimoon records is proud to present the 2nd full length album from Miroslav aka ManMachine hailing from Serbia, the hot bed of cutting edge.
European dance music blasts forth the new hit release. Reintegrate, a true theme album uniquely blending progressive techno and deep psychedelic full-on trance. Strong melodic leads laced with hypnotic and powerful rhythmic percussion combine with catchy yet subtle hooks to create a diverse and provocative landscape inside your mind. Neurons and circuitry become one and the same as hyper-intelligent nano-bots merge with your very cells upgrading you to a new state of conciousness. Feel the acceleration occur as your mind becomes enhanced with new sensations and perceptions allowing you to comprehend the universe on a whole new level.


1. Metamorphosis 
2. Theurgy 
3. Subtle Signs 
4. Outfilled 
5. Subatomic 
6. Magnitude Six 
7. Seventh 
8. Eastern Sapphires 
9. Chlorophyll