Mahamudra - Simplicity Of Complexity (CD)


Mahamudra - Simplicity Of Complexity (CD) Tactic Records is proud to present, the long awaited second album from Mahamudra. Mahamudra are Sagiv Ben-Giat, Ran Malka and Eyal Cohen. Mahamudra, surely one of the most looked upon names in the electronic global dance/trance scene.Their Live Performances have had a major effect at clubs and festivals and there seem to be no stopping their revolutionary growth and popularity.

With an already respected resume behind them, of involvement in the Psychedelic Trance scene, and countless released tracks and collaborations with some of the biggest names and labels around the world, Mahamudra are back with a delicious new Digital EP serving as a starter to their upcoming new master piece ' Simplicity of Complexity'.'Simplicity of Complexity' influences from a diverse range of genres and musical territories, such as: Rock, Jazz, Pop, Classical, Ambient and Dub Steps.

Fused with a remarkable, high quality electronic production level, cheeky samples and energetic party music deeply inserted, Mahamudra have struck gold with this mega blasting album.

Simplicity of Complexity is a fine way to describe this albums content.
Style: Psytrance
Released: May. 2009/21

1. Irish Cream 2. Plastico 3. Back to the source 4. I'm coming back 5. Arkadation corporation 6. Logitech 7. Murder on the dance floor 8. Jack Star 9. Sexy Body Move -