Maelstrom - Lights On (CD)


Maelstrom - Lights On (CD) After more than a year of hard studio work, DJ Emok aka. Maelstrom is ready with his second album on Iboga Records. Emok is known as one of the worlds leading progressive DJs and as one of the label owners of Iboga Records, and the project Phony Orphants.

Now he presents his second solo album: Maelstrom ' Lights On. The style is fat progressive club sound with a touch of trance, and is being supported and played by a lot of top DJs and artist in the scene. Besides the new solo tunes, the album contains a blasting remix from Rocky of last years no 1. tune from Liquid Soul and Maelstrom ' React.

Together with this you find that the CD also contains a new exclusive track produced by Rinkadink and Maelstrom.
Style: Progress Trance
Released: May 2009/19

1. As it should be - MAELSTROM
2. Bitch - MAELSTROM
4. Enough cash to escape - RINKADINK AND MAELSTROM
5. Bit Kitchen - MAELSTROM
6. Wasted Youth - (Maelstrom Version)LENNY IBIZARRE AND MAELSTROM
7. Sake Head - MAELSTROM
8. Retro Nights - MAELSTROM
9. Remember your inputs - MAELSTROM
10. Just another day - (Maelstroms Tech Trance rmx))BRISKER AND MAGITMAN