Mad Maxx and Co - Sonic Architects


Previously one half of Sirius Isness, Mad Maxx is one of the best known artists in the psy scene today.
Maxx has recorded numerous trance floor classics and delivered blistering live sets to all corners of the earth and beyond.. with this, his second solo outing, bursting at the seams with collaborations and remixes with trance A-Listers such as XSI, Spacetribe, GMS v Alien Project, Mekkanikka, S-Range, John OO Fleming, Peace Maker and Audio X he seals his position as one of the most exciting and accomplished psy producers around.


1. Gods of Neptune - MAD MAXX AND PEACEMAKER2. This is who we are - MAD MAXX AND AUDIO-X3. Crystal Hero - MAD MAXX4. Peak Experience - MAD MAXX AND SPACE TRIBE5. Do it live - (Wild Monkeys Edit)MAD MAXX AND XSI6. At the end of a rainbow - (Mad Maxx rmx Part 2)GMS AND ALIEN PROJECT7. Mushroom Spores - MAD MAXX AND MEKKANIKKA8. Made of stars - MAD MAXX AND S-RANGE9. Sonic Architects - MAD MAXX AND JOHN 00 FLEMING