Mad Actors - Blockbuster


Utopia Records is proud to present the smashing release from Mad Actors Blockbuster.An ear-sweet for the psy-lovers, brings you a top quality release with fine music and that's all you need!
Mad Actors is the remarkable trio combination of Nick Psarros, Giuseppe Mango and Erik Stenhammar.

At the moment one of the hottest Live acts in Scandinavia. The guys, friends from way back started the psychedelic project Mad Actors after they both had big successes with their own projects and several releases in worldwide records labels and amazing tours around the world.

There is nothing else to add beside that this trio is one of the fastest uprising stars today so watch out, you are about to be blown away by their new unique sound.


1. West End Station - MAD ACTORS 
2. Beyond Imagination - MAD ACTORS 
3. Ojo De Agua - MAD ACTORS 
4. Free Fall - MAD ACTORS 
5. Copenhagen Syndrome - (Mad Actors rmx)DIRTY DIAMONDS 
6. Afterglow - MAD ACTORS 
7. High Fidelity - MAD ACTORS 
8. The Ride - MAD ACTORS 
9. Unbeatable - MAD ACTORS 
10. Memories - (Mad Actors rmx)VIBE TRIBE