Luke Vibert hears you


Luke Vibert will continue his prolific ways in August with a new album under his own name, entitled We Hear You.

The full-length reportedly will once again be a genre-defying record that combines his "idiosyncratic samples, sweetly strange melody, big bass and sloppy drums." And while we haven't heard the results yet, we can't help think that we probably know exactly what Vibert connecting "the dots between Terry Riley, dubstep bass and hip-hop" sounds like. Either way, we'll all be able to judge the results come August when the CD version of the album is released on Planet Mu. (It will be Vibert's third album on the label.)

01. Belief File
02. We Hear You
03. De-Pimp Act
04. Hot Sick
05. Square Footage
06. Batting For England
07. Pretty Old Acid Music
08. Dive And Lie Wrecked
09. Computer Complex
10. Porn Shirtwee
11. House Stabs
12. Marvellous Music Machine
13. Arrogance

Planet Mu will release Luke Vibert's We Hear You on August 10, 2009.