Loud - Free From Conceptual Thoughts (2CD)


Loud - Free From Conceptual Thoughts (2CD) Free your mind from any conceptual thoughts... the rest will definitely follow...'Free from conceptual thoughts', is a double sided project, one side(CD1) featuring tracks of the nonfigurative nature which make you slip into your own subconscious, toppled with a party kicker b-side album containing versions of Loud by Loud with a more dance floor orientation and is mixed live for your ultimate pleasure.
This album is the apex of these two innovative producers, Eitan Reiter and Kobi Toledano who make up the group Loud, bringing us the spirit of the early days of trance and matches it with unseen abilities and a flavor for precision, all melted into pieces of music that evoke the mind and create an infinite amount of interpretations to the music.

That normally tends to rely on the beat to do the job. Loud have composed a full bodied double CD release including bass lines that brake the regular molds and patterns, showing that that there are endless Possibilities in trance music, and that music should be ever changing and evolving, providing us with food to the mind as well as the body.


1. Enlightenment2. One Way3. A.r.r4. Milestone5. Big Squid - (Album 2010 edit )6. Sector -7-G7. You are everything8. Tales from the Loudmobile9. Subinya - (Abduction 2010)10. Beautiful day - ( kalangi bangi edit 2010)11. Buble one12. Small Talk13. Machines - (Bobby and The lads 2010)14. Tough Kid15. Digital Hippie16. Sundance17. 1 Missed Call18. Stop the dance - (LOUD cover)

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