Lost and Found - Decoder


Decoder is the long awaited and highly anticipated debut album from South African producer Lost and Found. Several years in the making Lostand Found presents an album that is darker, more complex, morerythmicallly driven and intense than his previous works. His sound hascontinuously evolved during his career while always staying true tohis roots and has now been extended and refined.
Decoder bristles with a distinctive maximal energy, setting the barfor peaktime dancefloor madness. Masterfully produced, the album isunique in it's uncompromised creative freedom and innovation. Eachtrack utilizes found sounds and themes from his greatest life longinfluences that he compulsively lists in the accompanying artwork andcan almost be used as a tool to make sense of it all. Extensively roadtested and refined, every listen will reveal a layer not noticedbefore.

Unlike most psytrance albums today each of Decoder's 10 tracks form a seamless step by step descent beyond the infinite and back again. Onemust wonder whether the world will ever look the same again.


1. Futurising2. Chasing Radium3. Disconnected4. In Kontrol5. Surface To air6. Advance7. Decoder8. Perc59. Cutting Edge Science rmx10. Division

Source: www.psyshop.com