Loopus In Fabula - Fizzy Beats (CD)


A mind twisting psychedelia with a running full baseline...Loopus has established himself a reputation for the so called 'funkedelic' sound, a mixture of psytrance and funky disco sounds...there's actually more (or less), a total free crossover of influences with an electro, progressive, jazzy, circus feeling blended with the severe discipline of psytrance.
Loopus has played up to now in almost every corner of the psytrance world and has developed a blended live djset featuring a special task: slowly bringing the dancefloor into a relaxed, happy, funky atmosphere full of laughs and funny smiles... for this reason his set works best in early nights or sunny morning at outdoors or anytime in the kinky clubs...


1. Civic Tv - (Isaac Chambers rmx)2. Walked Bud3. Mashed Potato - (feat Rich Mantrix)4. Good Time5. Pocket Arpeggiator6. Missed You - (feat Paul Kearney)7. Sue Teller Mashup - (feat Paul Kearney)8. Motherfuncker9. Manamana10. Whatyougonnado... - (feat Tom Cosm)

Source: www.psyshop.com