Lemonchill - Sleeping With Giants (CD)


Idan aka Lemonchill brings us a new remix album.The album titled 'Sleeping with giants' will take your mind, body and soul through Subconsciousness astral waves.
Featuring remix's from well respected electronic music artists such as Zero cult, Side liner, Hol Baumann, Terra Nine and Chronos, as well as new promising acts such as, Mindwave and Limbo.

'Sleeping with giants' is guaranteed to bring a new sensation to chill out and electronica music lovers out there. From the melancholic chill out remix for 'Moonlight Sonata' by Zero Cult to the experimental 'Subconsciousness whispers' remix by Limbo.

Once again, Lemonchill managed to produce unique sound and atmosphere.


1. Moonlight Sonata - (Zero Cult rmx) 
2. En larmes - (Side Liner rmx) 
3. Adam and eve the angels are crying 
4. Adam and eve - (Mindwave rmx) 
5. Subconciusness whispers - (Terra Nine rmx) 
6. En Larmes - (Chronos rmx) 
7. Subconciusness Whispers - (Limbo rmx) 
8. Sublime - (Hol Baumann rmx) 
9. Dragonfly - (Steve Baltes of deep voices rmx)

Source: www.psyshop.com