Leenuz - Polyhymnia (CD)


The eagerly anticipated and long awaited full length debut album of Leenuz.Leenuz is producing progressive and melodic psytrance combining whispers of nature with the devastation of the beautiful Swedish forest.
Polyhymnia is the crystallization of his majestic, haunting and totally explosive progressive dance floor secret weapons. His music escapes from a mystical castle in the clouds where a powerful enchantress, the protector of the land, is awoken from a millennial slumber. Her quest is activate the dormant DNA waiting to be unlocked in all humans of this world. By harmonically retuning your cells with these ancient frequencies contained in what the ancient Sumerian's refered to as her 'ME's' everyone one exposed to this hidden code will begin their transformations. Only an uncompressed and full length original copy of this secret information direct form the source will correctly activate your DNA so make sure to get an Original.

Born in Are, Sweden in 1980, Leenuz music career started with a set of drums in early 1990, for a couple years Leenuz played in his fathers jazz/blues band but at..96 the first Destination Goa was released and a drastic change was about to take form. The love for electronic music was instant and everlasting. Leenuz has been releasing top notch music on some of the best labels in Goa and Psytrance for many years.


1. Echocentric 
2. Senses 
3. Astral Progression 
4. Gathering of the tribes 
5. Divine Darkness 
6. Omnipotent 
7. Ghost Network 
8. Massive Hard On 
9. Polyhmnia

Source: www.psyshop.com