Lakay - Enjoy People


'Enjoy People' is the debut album of Grenoble producer Lakay from Hadra Recrods.Lakay has been heavily influenced by his many encounters and collaborations in France and Europe to create this innovative world-electro project.
Jazz trumpet meets the mystic sonorities of the Thai seung and the prowess of modern machines while the calm, captivating melodies of ambient and dub meet the rapid, powerful rhythms of dubstep and jungle with an underlying touch of jazz. Such is the accomplishment of this highly skilled artist.

Produced in collaboration with Salamah Productions, recorded and mixed at the Jarring Effects studios, 'Enjoy People' is the impressive achievement of an astonishing project.


1. Enjoy People2. Temple of spirit3. Life like a travel4. Chillom5. Dub Is6. Shooting Babylon7. Fluid Vision8. Reach the new world9. Peace of Chiang May