LAB - Roleplayers (CD)


2010 is about to witness the release of the first full-length album from LAB a spiraling result of acquired knowledge of electronic pattern manipulation, which began back in 1998.
Segmented through eleven tales that comprise the journey, this compact disc offers an intricate allusion to roleplaying game-culture intertwined with an assorted variety of mind-defying psychedelic trance and meditative downtempoish broken-beats.

LAB has aimed to re-create soundscapes that range from lush, multi-coloured domains of Nature that induce a caleidoscopic view of the realm, a window to ancient desolated cities, corrupted by timeless ages of forgotten technological lore. These elements have been twisted into reality through the employment of elaborate arrangements of basslines and kicks, empowered by polished, sharpened synthesisers and far-frequency-reaching rhythms.

Certainly a much awaited debut, this CD offers more than 75 minutes of immersive music that can either be appreciated in the comfort of your home or experienced out in the untamed wild.


1. Inflatable - (feat Kiriyama) 
2. Forgotten Capital 
3. Maze of tribulations 
4. Sanctum Logic 
5. Heisenberg 
6. Roleplayers 
7. Landscaper 
8. Highwind 
9. Scareblow - (feat Simian) 
10. Eerie Future