Kuba - Random Precision


Chillcode Music proudly presents the brandnew Kuba Album 'Random Precision'!Random Precision' is an awesome collection of more than a dozen superb Kuba chillout tracks in various styles and tempos. Brilliant colourful Kuba worldmusic, atmospheric tracks and even deep progressive tunes in a modern and fresh style!
A magnificent selection of thirteen fresh high-class chillout and progressive tracks!


1. Never Trustafarian - (vocals by Jimi Learmonth) 
2. Out of the box 
3. Hole in my sitar 
4. Dub Mythology 
5. Sunset Smile 
6. On the spot 
7. Is this stuff real 
8. Parc Guell 
9. Little Mountain 
10. Evaluation - (rmx) 
11. Dontmakemedance 
12. Return of the grasshopper 
13. Build a fire

Source: www.psyshop.com