Kuba - Bringing it all back home (CD)


Kuba - Bringing it all back home (CD) Chillcode Music proudly presents the 4th studio album of british artist Kuba.The album contains twelve fresh n crispy tracks, inter alia two excellent tracks in cooperation with Michele Adamson and further outstanding tracks with the collaboration of kuba fellow-artists.
The result is a high-grade Kuba chillout album with lots of diversified styles and Dub and Reggea influences.

Chilling and relaxing in various styles and tempos!


1. Monk Dust 
2. Wheres Fragga 
3. A Shoe String - (Spaff Mix feat. Shaky) 
4. They all went to a party 
5. The sky you are - (feat. Tiago Coimbra) 
6. It keeps us down to size - (feat. Michele Adamson) 
7. Mushroom Daddy in Dub - (feat. Charlie Shuttler) 
8. Make me Water 
9. Keep Walking - (feat. Michele Adamson) 
10. Bringin it all back home 
11. Maria from Huddersfield12. Tangerine World

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