Krama - After The Rain (CD)


Krama - After The Rain (CD) After The Rain marks a very special moment the sky is clearing, tender sunrays strike one's skin again, the air is fresh and clean and sometimes one can even watch a rainbow.
This situation represents pretty much the musical atmosphere of Krama's second album: Mighty bass structures form a clean and solid foundation, on which sunny melodies swash out of trancy depths, accompanied by forcing rhythm structures. Since 2001, Dimitris Violitzis and Elias Garanis from Greece have constantly developed their very own definition of Power Progressive Trance.

The epic flow of their music is inspired by their musical background, which includes minimal Progressive Trance on the one hand but also classical and Celtic music, New Age sounds and even some Metal.

The intense effectiveness of Krama's tunes could already been witnessed on many different Progressive floors where the two dudes always delivered excellent shows.


1. Rain 
2. After the rain 
3. Ex Animo 
4. Antiverse 
5. Basilisk 
6. Rise On 
7. Tribe of whispers 
8. For all these reasons 
9. Spin Spirit 
10. Girl Needs