Krama - Across The Sea


The third album of the Greeks Dimitris Violitzis and Elias Garanis appears like a musical odyssey.Their journey 'Across The Sea' leads them to various islands of sound, where the two of them encounter wondrous atmospheres and exciting adventures which create a fantastic epos in their entirety. They explore the depths of a mysterious labyrinth of melodies, get hypnotized by alien siren calls and eventually face the power of really rocky synthesizer riffs. While doing so, again and again the emotional and thrilling atmosphere of a movie soundtrack evolves.
Together with the grinding, organic bass sounds, which float 'Across The Sea' like a golden thread, it becomes pretty clear why Krama appropriately describe their own music as 'Power Progressive Trance'. By means of the extensive usage of analogue studio technology the two producers manage to paint their newest work in a refreshing variety of different sound colours and also to create a very cosy feeling of listening pressure.


1. Oceanic - KRAMA 
2. Water Sensation - (Krama rmx)PHILTER 
3. The Lighthouse - KRAMA 
4. Across the sea - KRAMA 
5. Restless Tides - KRAMA 
6. Sync Yourself - (Krama rmx)DAY.DIN 
7. GothBeat - KRAMA 
8. Memorial - KRAMA 
9. Over my compass - KRAMA