Kraftwerk leader calls it quits


And then there was one. In an announcement on the band's website, it has been revealed that Florian Schneider has officially left seminal electronic group Kraftwerk after nearly forty years of service. The move leaves Ralf H??tter as the only original member in the current line-up.

Eagle-eyed fans will have already noticed that Schneider wasn't among the performers in the group on last year's tour, but he has waited until now to reveal his departure. A message on their site doesn't reveal much, however: "Florian is a great musician, always seeking the perfect sound through technology. Refined and perfected sounds and vocoders to impossible levels of perfection."

Seeing as nothing has really changed from last year's live line-up, the group will continue to fulfil their commitments, including a South American tour in support of Radiohead. The official site shows indications of new projects coming from both the new Kraftwerk line-up and Schneider, so don't be surprised to hear about new material in the near future.