Kobloâ??s Vibra2000 returns


Kobloâ??s Vibra2000 returns Back around the turn of the century, the Koblo Vibra2000 was one of the first softsynths to actually emulate the sound of an analog synth.
Well, after a several year hiatus, Koblo has returned and so has the Vibra.
For its latest incarnation, the developers have remained faithful to the originalâ??s streamlined feature set, though the plug-in includes an updated interface thatâ??s a bit easier to grasp than the original.

The Vibra2000â??s voice architecture a no-nonsense, single oscillator affair with a lowpass filter and simple amplifier envelope â?? making it a good choice for newcomers to the art of synthesis.
Thereâ??s also a built-in arpeggiator with a few twists like parameters for â??chordâ? and â??sliceâ? that give it a unique flavor.

The plug-in is available in AU, RTAS, VST and Standalone formats, for both Mac and PC.
So if you have a spare twenty-nine bucks and a taste for softsynth nostalgia check it out.

Source: beatportal.com