Koan - When The Silence Is Speaking (CD)


Koan - When The Silence Is Speaking (CD) Matching the cold, dark and rather silent indoor season in the northern hemisphere Blue Tunes Records presents the perfect acoustic accessories for easy evenings at home, meditative hours or cosy togetherness in front of the fireplace.
The Russian producer duo Koan has been exploring the possibilities of electronic sound creation for more than 16 years and developed an outstanding independent style. Founded on hovering bass lines and ethno flavoured percussions, their second album evolves complex, ever changing and highly harmonic arrangements in seemingly endless acoustic spaces of floating ecstasy. According to the Blue Tunes sound policy, the production quality really provokes a psychedelic effect just by its astonishing brilliance. Beside a series of entirely new tracks, 'When The Silence Is Speaking' features also some re-interpretations of tunes from Koan's first album that illustrate their repeated gain of musical skills.


1. Back to the silent lagoon - (Blue mix) 
2. Selena's Song - (Blue mix) 
3. After the Guiding Venus 
4. The Island of Deceased Ships 
5. Dance of Nereids 
6. Odysseus under the old tree 
7. Underwater Moonlight - (Blue mix) 
8. When the silence is speaking 
9. Dolphin and Eos

Source: www.psyshop.com