Koan - The Fables of Belovodye


Diving down into fantastic depths of sound Russian producer duo Koan manages to develop its musical skills without losing its unmistakable character.
The listening experience of their third album is not only a very 'deep' one because it gives the impression of vast acoustic spaces. Pad sounds rich in overtones and liquid echoes give rise to associations of whale songs, sometimes melodic sound entities crawl along the listener's ear and then again wondrous sonic structures drift by.

This acoustic ocean spreads out between stimulating but yet unobtrusive Downbeat rhythms where there is enough space for all the elements to unfold. Like already the previous albums of Koan, 'The Fables of Belovodye' proves the two producers to be remarkably talented with regard to subtle psycho acoustics as well as sophisticated, organic and highly melodic compositions, each telling its very own story.


1. Citadel of Velimudr 
2. Going to Shining Svarga 
3. Buyan Island 
4. Dusk above Arkona 
5. Artic Whispers - (Blue Mix) 
6. Syverian Lake - (Phoenix Spellbound mix) 
7. Radomir Flights 
8. Flying Cities 
9. In the Makarian Gardens 
10. When we left Arkaim - (Blue Mix)

Source: www.psyshop.com