Kinesis - Beyond The Galaxy (CD)


Kinesis - Beyond The Galaxy (CD) This new album from this leading trance pioneer is a must have for DJs, Collectors and Fans alike!In the last year France has produced a steady stream of the worlds leading psytrance producers. Kinesis is among the hottest and brightest stars to come from this celestial cosmic nursery. Geomagnetic is proud to present a milestone in dance music with this impressively produced new album form veteran DJ/Producer Salva who is possibly more well known as Crying Freemen (his collaborative project). After many mesmerizing and uplifting tracks on compilations from the worlds leading labels and two popular and well received hit albums Kinesis presents us with his new masterpiece.
This harmonic technology opens a gateway to other worlds that are Beyond THE Galaxy. Each track blissfully encompasses multitudes of elements all perfectly tuned to enlighten and encourage your inner bliss. Powerful bass lines, melancholy and emotional melodies, phenomenal builds and dramatic surprises that leave the listener excited and hooked to the spacious chords that will definitely leave a lasting and positive impression great for repeat listening and dance floor memories!

To top it off Altom aka Voyager aka Thomas Dubril spent some loving time in the studio with each track mastering it with all of his legendary style and professional standards in engineering. This album will no doubt be the hit of this summer festival season and for years to come.


1. Signs of life 
2. Cosmic languages 
3. Crystal skulls 
4. Escape to earth 
5. Hidden messages 
6. Beyond the galaxy 
7. 12-21-12 Part 2 
8. Out there 
9. Zero dimension 
10. Secret files