Khaos Sektor - Weird Basslines (CD)


'Weird Bassline' is the first and fresh album of Khaos Sektor one of the most talented artists of Night Music.
Miguel Muchagata, born in Portugal, is the name behind the project. The songs on this album contain a variety of powerful frequences and sounds that will give you an altered reality experience, with tripy and mental sounds and powerfull basslines. Countains great collaborations with friends like Rawar, The Nommos and Enichkin.

Join us on this journey with no return and release your darkest fears and thoughts.


1. El Antidoto - KHAOS SEKTOR2. Weird basslines on Elm Street - KHAOS SEKTOR3. Beat the devil - KHAOS SEKTOR4. Optimus Suprime - KHAOS SEKTOR5. Holly Mountain - KHAOS SEKTOR6. Blueberry - KHAOS SEKTOR7. B.A.F.O. - RAWAR VS KHAOS SEKTOR8. Mescalito Dance - ( Khaos Sektor rmx)ENICHKIN9. Kali does the dance - (Khaos Sektor rmx)THE NOMMOS