Khamsa Khala - All Rites Reversed (CD)


Khamsa Khala - All Rites Reversed (CD) All Rites Reversed is presented as a CD and DVD package containing a full length CD, plus several music videos shot in Morocco in High Definition with alternate versions of the songs.
Khamsa Khala is an ethno-industrial musical project that combines their love of middle-eastern music and Moroccan culture with experimental recording methods and deep sound manipulation. The music created is organic, tangible, visceral and real. This music embraces the vibrant people, culture and relationships in the mid-east. Khamsa Khala are tired of the biased angle that western media shows the world. They expose a region that is far more vibrant, magical, and complex than we are led to believe. Khamsa Khala are very proud that this music is real - the band crafted the sounds, shot the video and really experienced the Sahara.

Plenty of electronic devices are used in addition to authentic middle-eastern instruments - with real tastes and textures in the music. Real location recordings made by the band uncover the actual life, grit and sand. This texture echoes how Khamsa Khala tweaked the knobs on the music to produce their own fractured take on Arabic music.

Neville Harson was a founding member of Mandible Chatter. Don Poe was the noisiest member of Deathpile. Using an experimental approach, Khamsa Khala evoke ethnic music that draws from the noisy primitivism of Throbbing Gristle as well as the streets of Morocco.


1. Buried Circle2. Bahrat3. Kitab Sirat4. Gopt5. Suq6. Auliya7. Jannah8. Athnan9. A Medina Platform10. Todra Ghost11. Eyes of sorrow, eyes of wonder12. Alam Al Mithal13. Sayeeda14. Bahrat15. Kitab Sirat16. Suq, Jannah17. Athnan18. Alam Al Mithal19. Auliya, Sayeeda