Kaya Project - Desert Phase Remixes (CD)


Scattered across 3 continents, the select remixers represent a diverse range of musical inclinations from dubstep, breaks, glitch hop, techno, drum'n'bass and modern downtempo sensibilities
The second release of its kind for Interchill, the Desert Phase Remixes album is a high calibre collection of divergent takes on the classic Kaya Project style. Each track opens a broader glimpse into the original piece while highlighting the individual tastes of each of the remixers and the diversity of their production techniques. The result is a digital melting pot of exotic influences and genre-defying grooves for dancefloors everywhere. Containing the best of both worlds, the remixes are an example of global fusion electronica at its finest and show the remarkable nature of intercontinental musical collaboration.


1. When only sand remains - (Tripswitch rmx)2. Ummah Oum - (100th Monkey rmx)3. Desert Phase - (Hibernation rmx)4. 23 Towers - (Eat Static rmx)5. Dust Devil - (Liquid Stranger's Cortex Vortex rmx)6. 23 Towers - (Biotone rmx)7. Desert Child - (Oblique Industries Inner Child rmx)8. Sundown - (EarthRise SoundSystem rmx)9. Calico Stomp - (Gaudi rmx)10. Eye of the storm - (Chaos by Design rmx)11. Dobro - (Opiou Bro-Cuzz rmx)12. Vijaya - (Bluetech rmx)13. 23 Towers - (Interpulse rmx)

Source: www.psyshop.com