Kaya Project - And So It Goes (CD)


Kaya Project - And So It Goes (CD) Following on the release of two outstanding recordings, 'Walking Through' and 'Elixir', Interchill is pleased to present the 3rd. Kaya Project album '...and So It Goes'. The collaborative project of Seb Taylor (Shakta, Digitalis, Hibernation, Angel Tears) and Natasha Chamberlain, Kaya Project once again weaves an uplifting and spellbinding journey to the furthest reaches of the planet.
Focused on more acoustic instrumentation than the previous Kaya Project albums, 'and So It Goes' is an exotic tapestry of slide guitar, klezmer, clarinet, classical Indian violin and Arabic mowals fused with tribal percussion, breakbeats and Gypsy jazz.

Laced with Seb's signature guitar work and Natasha's keyboards, vocals and flute, the album also features a range of vocal contributions from the likes of Deeyah, Randolph Matthews, Irina Mikhailova, Florence Comment and others.

Taking the unmistakable Kaya Project sound to new levels, Seb and Natasha artfully create a warm and timeless musical experience, leaving the listener plenty of delectable elements to savor.

Style: Ambient
Released: Nov. 2008/47

1. Always Waiting
2. Jamming with Marco
3. Deep Kaya
4. Zema Lasu
5. The Source (featuring Deeyah)
6. Five plus eight
7. Saranghi Breaks
8. Hirajoshi 
9. ...and So It Goes
10. Shifting Sands
11. Dark Roads
12. Obsidian Beats
13. Drift
14. Awaken
15. Bekhudi
16. Outside looking in 
17. Under the spell

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