Kasbah Rockers - Kasbah Rockers (CD)


Kasbah Rockers - Kasbah Rockers (CD) Groovy Moroccan and Arabic Trip Hop, Dub, Rai'n'B and Dance tracks with noisy guitars and massive Basslines from Bill Laswell.
Kasbah Rockers is the new project of Pat Jabbar and different guests from the Barraka label, having combined chilling Trip Hop beats, Rai'n'B, Dub and progressive Dance sounds with traditional Moroccan influences and instruments. Bill Laswell who is playing the bass on 11 tracks, grooves along with eclectic artists such as Youssef El Mejjad from Amira Saqati (Marrakech-Morocco), Abdelaziz Lamari and Abdelkader Belkacem from Maghrebika (Oran and Skikda-Algeria) or Kadir and Erdem from the Swiss-Turkish Hip Hop crew Makale. Their distinctive musical identities, are all fully integrated.

For instance to the improvised recording sessions of the 'bad girls' from B-Net Marrakech, or to the great and evocative voice of the young Turkish singer Oezlem Ylmaz. Another new artistic discovery were Hamza and Anass, the two brothers from the crew HS, rappin' in French and Arabic about Moroccan street reality or moral and social issues.

The lyrical content of most of the other songs is much committed to the daily examinations of young Muslims in the western world, or on the other hand, to the confrontation with 'western values' in an Islamic world.

Anti Iraq-war song 'Falludjah Car' is sung in Turkish and Arabic, 'Bledstyle' in Turkish only.

Style: Ambient
Released: Nov. 2008/45

1. Hikayati
2. Bred Atay
3. Falludjah Car
4. Shta
5. Al Rafel
6. Bledstyle
7. Mafi Tika
8. Fikou
9. Hellou Al Biban
10. Hashouma
11. Shems
12. Rassoul Al Houda
13. Jebel
14. Kasbah Rockers (Vocal Mix)
15. Ayna
16. Kafaka Mina Raks (Vocal Mix)

Source: www.psyshop.com