Karash - All In (CD)


Karash - All In (CD) The new work from Karash is delicately deviant. A bold fusion of the tangible and the ephemeral it travels between worlds on a river of liquid sound.

2to6 Records are pleased to provide you with a portal to somewhere else. Listen in your bedroom and get lost inside the forest of your mind, listen in the forest and who knows what you will find.
Style: Psytrance
Released: Sep. 2009/37

1. Grouik 

-  2. Blurb 

-  3. Rainy Monday 

-  4. Ratatouille 

-  5. Deeper in the wood 

-  6. Shinobi Killer 

-  7. Sinus and Cosinus 

-  8. La lutte finale 

-  9. Behelit 

-  10. Furious Indus -

Source: www.psyshop.com