Kalahari Surfers - One Party State (CD)


Kalahari Surfers - One Party State (CD) Released by MicroDot Music, 'One Party State is the much- anticipated new album from talented South-African composer/producer/ sonic artist Warrick Sony of the Kalahari Surfers.
A futuristic follow up to his much acclaimed experimental/dub album, 'Panga Manangement' and the recent collaboration with Greg Hunter (ex Orb) 'Turntabla'.

It is an Africanized /dubstep/ethno journey on the edge between programmed awakenness and darker realms. While maintaining an electronic approach, Kalahari Surfers new album is infused with a strong, organic afro-tronic, instrumentals and haunting vocal cityscapes. Dreams often give way to nightmares in the Surfers subterranean world especially in the touches of subtle spoken word fragments controlled sampling from the dust of District 10.

Moving forward like an ever pulsating bassmass, 'ONE Party State' is an exploration of the thinking mans dancefloor in its darker space. A dense fold afro-delic journey of desert to city spaces, pulsing soundscapes and scary grooves, strongly influenced by the current political wilderness but with the chill of the Kalahari night, emptiness and loads of spaces in a land of extreme's.


1. Blackness and Light - (feat. Lesego Rampolokeng)2. Cutting Yourself3. A new kind of leader4. Gathering Data5. Straight to the hips6. Relax - (feat. the late Alan Kwela)7. Parts of northern Natal8. Every Eventuality9. Frontiers of madness - (feat. Sarah Jane Mary Hills)10. Child Soldier11. One Party State12. Intimidasie13. Fish Effect14. In Transition15. Minority Report - (feat. Lesego Rampolokeng)16. Youth League17. Play around with the buttons - (feat. Eskom and SABC)

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