Kaempfer and Dietze - Shear Force - The Remixes (CD)


Kaempfer and Dietze - Shear Force - The Remixes (CD) The Iono Headquarter received an overwhelming interest from international top artists in doing a remix of 'Shear Force'.
'Shear Force' by German producers Kaempfer and Dietze has been one of the most successful single releases in Iono Music's history.

The result is an awesome collection of individual interpretations, building bridges from one electronic dance music genre to the next.

Techno and House artists like RPO, Jerome Isma-Ae with Daniel Portman, Feuerhake, Leif Hatfield and Mute, to name a few, represent their unique and individual upper class music style.

This 'Shear Force Remixes' release comes to you as a very passionate project of all the people who have been involved.

Finally you will listen to 8 completely different tracks and it will be hard to decide which is going to be your favorite.


1. Shear Force (R.P.O. rmx) 
2. Shear Force (Jerome Isma-Ae and Daniel Portman rmx) 
3. Shear Force (MUTe rmx) 
4. Shear Force (Feuerhake rmx) 
5. Shear Force (Leif Hatfield rmx) 
6. Shear Force (C-Jay rmx) 
7. Shear Force (Jay Selway rmx) 
8. Shear Force

Source: www.psyshop.com