Justin Martin restores chaos again


Buzzing fly and dirty bird Justin Martin will find himself in the mix yet again later this month.

Martin's follow-up to Chaos Restored will be released on October 27 and it sees the producer a little bit in love with himself, throwing a number of his own tunes and remixes into the fray along with tracks from rising stars Stimming and TG, as well as established talents like DJ Koze, Robag Wruhme and Loco Dice. Like his previous mix, however, you'll be able to tell which songs are playingâ??but just barely. The subtitle to the mix is "mixed and messed with" and that's exactly what Martin does, in a style that the press notes call "one part brutal tech-funk, one part joyous, deep and goofy beauty."

Interested in seeing Martin do that live? You're in luck, as the man is currently tooling around the world. He'll be hitting Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Leeds, Dubai and New York in the coming weeks.

01. Justin Martin - How I Feel Intro
02. DJ Koze - Let's Love
03. Stateless â?? Bloodstream (Henrik Schwarz Remix )
04. Rodriguez Jnr - Pina Colada (Voodeux Brew Remix)
05. Dapayk Solo - 50mann50hz
06. Onkel Brutalo - Selva (Mri Smiling Faces Remix)
07. Loco Dice - M Train To Brooklyn
08. Kreon & Lemos - Lookooshere (Wighnomy's Rollmops Rework)
09. Stimming - Kleine Nachtmusik (No Beats Mix)
10. Tim Green - Mr. Dry
11. Einmusik - Challenge
12. Radiohead - Nude (Justin Martin Remix)
13. Christian Martin - Elephant Fight (Justin's Jungle Beats)
14. Tim Green - Revox (Justin Martin Remix)
15. Robag Wruhme - Moscavia
16. Marshall Jefferson - Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix)
17. The Per Eckbo Orchestra - Kodo Verano
18. Justin Martin - My Angelic Demons
19. Karmina - Wonder 21 (Matthew Jonson's 21 Roses Remix)
20. Justin Martin - How I Feel Outro

Buzzin' Fly will release Justin Martin's Chaos Restored 2, Mixed and Messed With by Justin Martin on OCtober 27th, 2008.

Source: www.residentadvisor.net