Josh Wink readies his banana


Philly born and based producer Josh Wink will release his fourth studio album early next year.
Entitled When a Banana Was Just a Banana, the full-length will see Wink in three different formats: Physical, vinyl and digital. For the former, the album will be a continuous mix. On the latter two, the tracks will be split into discrete versions so that DJs can easily mix the tracks themselves. According to Wink, those tunes span a variety of electronic genres, as the title of the album refers to a time when "music was just musicâ??.Nobody was ridiculed or had views of 'I only listen to this one kind of music'â??. I miss the innocence of how it was... Like when you were younger, 'A Banana Was Just a Banana'." We'll reserve judgment on just how different things are until we hear it, but we can't help but be intrigued by the forthcoming single, "Counter Clock 319," which was reportedly inspired by listening to a DJ set of slower house by Dixon or the 17-minute "Jus' Right."

01. Airplane Electronique
02. Counter Clock 319
03. What Used to Be Called Used to Be
04. Jus' Right
05. Dolphin Smack
06. Minimum 23
07. Everybody to the Sun
08. Hypnoslave
09. Stay Out All Night

Josh Wink will release When a Banana Was Just a Banana on Ovum Recordings in February