John Deere - No Compromise (CD)


John Deere - No Compromise (CD) Vertikal Records presents the new artist album 'No Compromise' of Mr. John Deere aka Nemanja Mirkovic. After his releases in the past on various labels around the globe including Tribal Vision, Vertikal Records, Swordtail Records, Flash Records, Deep East, Balkan Connection, Millenium Records and Yellow Sunshine Explosion vertikal is happy to bring you this beatyfull debut album.
His music has all a good dance track needs. Pumping Base with killer drums and very nice emotional strings on it.

A must have for all clubs and floors in the morning sun!

Style: Progress Trance
Released: Dec. 2008/52

1. No Compromise
2. Lost in sounds
3. Spin
4. Kill the brain
5. Nuclear Device
6. Trance Kaffana
7. Ikanos Children
8. New Wave
9. Influencia