Jocid - Jocid


This one it's a special one. No one like Jocid reflects the Pixan spirit.'No boundaries trance' There's everything in this album. All the tracks are different but all of them are connected by the fluidity of Jocids peculiar style.
With his fifth album Joshua Gablan rewards us with a stylish and perfect demonstration of understanding of the psychedelic fields and with every track you can almost hear John Cleeses voice from the Monty Python in your head saying, 'And now for something completely different'!

Don't judge...enjoy!


1. No Breakz - JOCID 
2. Random - JOCID 
3. Geomatrix - JOCID 
4. The Bok rmx - JOCID 
5. The name of the game - JOCID 
6. L.L.C. - JOCID 
7. Inspired to get fired - JOCID 
8. Suave Mente - JOCID 
9. Gypsicology - (Jocid rmx)ATMANI