Jirah - Journeys (CD)


Jirah - Journeys (CD) Journeys is the 2nd full length album for Jirah aka Tim McCall who is firmly regarded as the premiere full on/progressive GOA psytrance producer to emerge in the past decade from the USA, a place that is more and more being regarded with awe and respect for providing the world with some of the leading psychedelic music makers from this tightly knit global community.
After taking 3 years off from music production to focus on his family (yes he is married with a newborn!) Tim has polished off the best of his most heartfelt and truly memorable musical productions and with the masterful assistance of Random aka Ross Dubois engineered each track to a new level of perfection using the state of the art production facilities at world famous geomagnetic headquarters in San Francisco.

The world has been literally begging for this album to be released and to answer the pleading fans around the world we have lovingly crafted a memorable and highly professional presentation of Tim's work that will be cherished by the fortunate ones to purchase one of these limited edition collectors' items.

The Jirah project has been elevating dance floors since before the turn of the millennium giving Tim an unparalleled level of wisdom and experience when it comes to crafting epic music. His style blends deep melodic bass lines with anthemic and uplifting hooks combined with smooth and tasteful arrangement showing his truly master level musical skills and production values in sound engineering.

Jirah's music has appeared on over 20 compilations from the most respected labels in trance. His 1st album on Usta (Israel) sold out (3000 units) in under 6 months. Look out for what could easily be the biggest surprise hit of the summer of 2008!

Style: Psytrance
Released: Nov. 2008/48

1. A Pure Moment
2. The Next Step
3. Nice Bytes
4. Inner Process
5. Durenan
6. Contact
7. The Only Constant (rmx)
8. Virtual Vortex
9. Nilandra
10. Psyrene

Source: www.psyshop.com