Jikooha - Revolution Spaceship (CD)


Jikooha - Revolution Spaceship (CD) Free your spirit and take a ride on 'Revolution Spaceship'! Panorama records proudly presents the release of Jikooha's 3rd album 'Revolution Spaceship'.
Since Jikooha was founded in 97 by Jun Iwai and Masakazu Shimodi from Japan, they have released 2 albums ('New Breed' and 'Shamanarchy') and some tracks in various compilations. They have been creating the sounds in new-school goa trance, influenced by mid 90's goa trance.

In 07 and 08 they got attention with some tracks on the compilation 'Golden Vibes series' from Israelie net label OiG, after that improved their sounds more melodic and psychedelic.

'Revolution Spaceship' is featuring melodic and powerful tracks like 'Bay Hall Magic' or 'Vega'. This album also includes a remix by Swedish goa trance maestro Filteria, and will be enjoyable for every melodic trance lovers!

Style: Psytrance
Released: Dec. 2008/50

1. Into the timewave 
2. Bay hall magic
3. Vega
4. Super secred area
5. Fractal rock city
6. Red Road
7. Omega Point (feat. Eiji)
8. Galaxy Journey
9. My revolution and yours (Filterias Vive la Revolution rmx)

Source: www.psyshop.com