Jens Buchert - Interstellar


For over a decade Jens Buchert is producing the most beautiful and inspirational chillout and lounge music which is also proofed by his already 12 released full-length studio albums.
With his latest release 'Interstellar' he enters new spheres of musical interpretation within the Chillout genre. Again he shows his flexibility to recreate himself and his sound easily at the first glance. But with a deeper and more detailed look you see the complexity of his creations and his talents.

Epic science fiction and fantasy pictures will flow through your mind's eye and some outer space sound will hit your ear to flow into the progressive lounge-beats and music.


1. Silkstream 
2. The Vortex 
3. Venus Nights 
4. Helios 3 
5. Spaceglider 
6. Causality 
7. Echospheres 
8. Fluffy Time 
9. Never Ending 
10. Phoenix Sleeping 
11. Swift 
12. Interstellar 
13. Sleepwalker 
14. Parabolic 
15. Amour Noblesse 
16. Endless Dark