Jaws Underground - Face To Face (CD)


Jaws Underground - Face To Face (CD) Psycore records is glad to introduce the new album of Jaws Underground 'face to face'. Jaws offers through this album, a mix of two worlds sound:The Night Full-on and Psychedelic, face to face for explosive style definitely focused on the groove and melodies.

A selection of nine previsouly unreleased titles, different trends of the road movie, With Jigsaw and Resurrection, where he revisits the theme of Saw, Alien, through the bewitching melodies of Analogic and X-periment.All these pieces were played, mixed several times during the evening and festivals, to select the best moments. Kik-bass of pests, leads to aggressive, a mix of sounds diabolical.

With this album, Alex mark also his style, between 'lost in the sound', and algorythme, the matching takes shape...
Style: Psytrance
Released: Aug. 2009/32

1. X-Periment 2. Analogic 3. Jigsaw 4. Virus Intrusion 5. Divinorium 6. Resurrection 7. Echec Et Mat 8. Night Factory 9. Low Radiation -

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