JandB Project - Monkey Business (CD)


Bjoern Grashorn and Jan Drapala represent an up to date generation of skilled producers.Gone have the days when a Psy Trance producer could easily be recognized as a dread locked, chillum smocking hippie. Though their rather discreet outer appearance might not give rise to the suspicion, the music from their mutual studio is kicking, twisted and fun loving as it can be.
JandB Project was founded in the environment of the Amplidudes, a clique of friends from the city of Hamburg, who spend quite all day long producing music and partying.

Since 2008 the two of them have teamed up to ill treat their neighbours by getting especially their bass sounds as fed as possible, which turned out to be great fun for dance floors, as the increasingly good feedback from here confirms.


1. Light On 
2. Heavy Prophet 
3. Be here now 
4. Boxprinz - (Live edit) 
5. Never stop learning 
6. Tschigibaem 
7. Pitch Black 
8. Sounds like it 
9. Another World 
10. Informal

Source: www.psyshop.com