Ishq - Sama (CD)


After half a decade in the making Electronic Soundscapes presents the second full length album by Ishq 'Sama'.
Ishq are composer Matt Hillier and Jacqueline Kersley. They have been making music since 1995 under various guises such as Indigo Egg, Ishvara and Elve among others. After the global critical acclaim of 'Orchid' in 2001 on Interchill Records, they are taking their soundscapes onto a whole new level with their second full length album 'Sama'.

Sama is derived from the verbal root Sam, which means to be quiet, calm, resigned, tranquil, having equanimity, absence of passion and emancipation from all the illusions of existence.

With the most crystal clear and transparent production of all Ishq releases up to date, this album takes the listener on an inward journey spiraling outwards like a floating cosmic feather which travels seamlessly through unfolding universal melodies.


1. Intro2. Sama3. Vidya4. Energeia5. Elysian6. Urasvati7. Persia8. Path9. Mandala