Ishq - Deep Space Objects


'Deep space objects' is the second release by Ishq in the Virtual space series and a full length album of deep ambient cosmos inspired works.
The album was written as a direct follow on from 'Timelapse in Mercury' and a continuation from these sessions.

The album has a deep spacious feel and employs psychoacoustic processing and multi layering to give an amazing depth on good headphones and speakers with hidden levels and sonics. As with all the Virtual releases this was written for innerspace pilots and headphone dreamers and listeners who like to be drawn in and immersed in a world of sound.


1. Airships and octagon skys 
2. Globular Cluster 
3. Pluto Shift 
4. Alpha Lyrae 
5. Triangulation in Pleiades 
6. Andromeda Nebula 
7. Future Star Cities 
8. Star radiance in Canis major 
9. Night sky dreaming