Irina Mikhailova - Night Flower (CD)


'Night Flower' is a beautiful compilation which represents Irina's collaborative work with musicians all over the World.
Seb Taylor (AlephZero/Interchill) and Graham Wood (Tip Records) from UK, Toires from France, Steve Schroyder (Tangerine Dream/SSO) from Germany, as well as Raven (Waterjuice) from Canada, B.Cochran (Hands Upon Black Earth), B.Smiley, D.Battenfield (Aquila)from USA.

It's like brightly colored veils slowly swirling in warmevening winds, heavy with the scents of faraway caravans. Irina's music is analogue fusion of worlds in exploration spinning waves of intonation into digital envelopes, postmarks seal destinationin ethnic refuge, time stands still.

Timelessness in her every note, the vibesthat bind you to her spell is poetry in unison with the soul.'


1. Song of Laya 
2. Night Flower rmx 
3. Savo Voda 
4. Labess 
5. Dereye rmx 
6. Kenza 
7. Mori Moma rmx 
8. Vinsandaan 
9. Salaam rmx 
10. Harem - (Irina's Edit) 
11. Hooka rmx